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Jaylen Brown sets his sights on being the third overall pick; would the Celtics pick him?

We are barely beyond three weeks from the NBA draft and positive feedback continues to pour in.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Jaylen Brown on a Brad Stevens coached team? Sounds like a match made in basketball heaven. The indications are the Celtics were extremely happy with Jaylen Brown's workout and with Danny Ainge in his corner Boston is looking like a real possibility at number three overall. The feeling between the Celtics and Brown was mutual as Jaylen mentioned more than a few times about how comfortable he was and his opinion of Brad Stevens is sky high.

Brown also had a workout with the Phoenix Suns, perhaps the best news is most teams have been genuinely pleased with his shot. Brown's athletic ability has rarely been in question but is really starting to show out during pre-draft workouts. Most recently Brown has earned comparisons to Jason Richardson, who to this day is the greatest dunk contest champion in NBA history.

Sports Illustrated released their fifth iteration of the 2016 draft and have Jaylen moving up one spot to the Sacramento Kings. As mentioned previously, many Cal fans would prefer Brown avoid the Kings coaching staff and front office however seeing him in the western conference would be a blast. Particularly if he landed with the oft mentioned Phoenix Suns or the aforementioned Kings he would be able to see the court early and often.

There are only three weeks left until draft day! Where do you think Jaylen will land?