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What are your feelings on Charlie Moore committing to Cal basketball?

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How does that change your feelings about this basketball season?

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boomtho: I'm so, so excited for Moore to come to campus, and I think it's yet another positive in Cuonzo Martin's recruiting history. Reef and LeonPowe (and others that follow recruiting more closely than I) can opine more specifically about how Moore helps next year's team, but for me, bringing in a potential multi-year starter at PG will always be a great thing.

It does actually change my feelings about the basketball team - a starting five that includes Singer/Moore, Jabari, Ivan, and Kam Rooks is one that can definitely contend.

Nik Jam: Really excited about having a key position filled up by a 4 star, probably 4 year player. It more than salvages the tough recruiting breaks Cal has had with Jolly and Cornish changing their minds about coming here.

Should be a good season in Berkeley next year, and it looks like no news is good news on the Cuonzo situation.

KWBears: Super excited about Moore! It's been a while since we've had a true PG - Cobbs is such a distant memory already for me. I'm a firm believer that teams need to build around the facilitator (the PG), not necessarily the big guys down low. What's the use in having a big guy when we can't give them the ball and create space for them? Moore will help spread the floor for all our scorers so they don't have to facilitate and create their own shots all the time (like Wallace did so much last year, and then would get in trouble with all his iso play).

LeonPowe: I'm most interested to see what kind of offense we'll run next season with Moore as the lead guard. Coach Martin has run two very different offenses over his first two seasons at Cal - year 1 was a pick and roll heavy / wing initiated offense, while year two started with a lot of motion/flex flow offensive principles, which then added a lot of single guard high sets towards the end of the year. Now we have two near elite scoring wings, but both of them excel off the catch, rather than off the bounce, as well as the probably Pac-12 POY (if we can get him the ball) in Ivan Rabb. Moore looks to be a distribution minded guard - and while I wouldn't call Ty and Jaylen ball hogs or selfish, I would say their passing instincts and skills probably didn't match up to their desires to share the cheese.