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Jaylen Brown Watch: Lakers and 76ers hold workouts, mock to Suns

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Jaylen had a busy weekend working out for a handful of NBA teams and released their first mock for the 2016 draft!

Roberto Serra/Iguana Press/Getty Images

In the world of former Cal guard Jaylen Brown it was an incredibly busy holiday weekend. Outside of his own mandated 5:30am practices, Jaylen participated in pre-draft workouts with more than a few of the top lottery teams in the draft. Interestingly enough, the Los Angeles Lakers were in on a group workout and a few people think he would be a good fit at small forward on their roster.

If Jaylen Brown and Jared Goff both were to end up in LA it would certainly make those old blues down in the second best part of California happy. Marc Spears also did a fantastic piece covering Jaylen and did a deep dive into his intellect and addressed the negative rumors on his pre-draft interviews. It is well worth the read. The good news for Jaylen is all the reports on his workouts came back very positive and more than a few questions about his shot were apparently answered.

In other news, released their first mock draft of the year and they have Jaylen firmly cemented as the fourth overall selection to Phoenix. The consensus from USA today and other publications is that Jaylen is narrowly outside the top two overall spots but could go anywhere from three (Celtics) through the ten position (Bucks). However, more and more frequently you will find Jaylen Brown sitting at the four overall position which feels like the best fit given his skill-set.

Cal fans, we are less than a month from the draft. Where do you expect Jaylen to end up after some positive feedback on his workouts?