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California Golden Bearcast: Hello Demetris Robertson and farewell Trace!

This week we welcome the top ranked athlete in the country to Cal football and give our thanks to Trace.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

On this edition of the Bearcast we welcome a new co-host, give thanks to Trace and chat about a variety of subjects:

  • Jared Goff goes #1 overall!!
  • Trevor Davis heads to the Packers with Aaron Rodgers
  • Kenny heads north to Seattle
  • Lasco heads to Nola
  • Undrafted free agent mayhem: Darius White and Stefan McClure head to the Colts, Darius Powe goes to New York, Bryce Treggs stays local with the 49ers, Mo Harris heads to DC and Stephen Anderson as well as Jalen Jefferson are en route to Houston
  • Demetris Robertson update: WE GOT HIM!
  • Basketball Updates: Transfer updates, new assistant coaches, Jaylen Fisher in the mix?
  • Baseball is struggling of late
Take a listen, subscribe, rate the podcast on iTunes, repost it on Soundcloud and send us some feedback! Go Bears!