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Marcus Lee transferring from Kentucky; ESPN rumors Cal the potential favorite?


Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

If you might remember, Cal was in it for five-star East Bay big man Marcus Lee a few years back, and seemed to have a very good shot at landing him. But Kentucky swooped in and stole the show from Cal and Arizona in the final moments of his recruitment, and the Antioch native ended up in Lexington.

He's out at Lexington now. After three frustrating up-and-down years, Lee is going to try and play his senior ball elsewhere. Could it be close at home to the Bears? ESPN's Jeff Goodman is reporting that Cal is a major player, and Connor Letourneau confirms that Cal is at least in the mix.

I'm not exactly sure how a Cal transfer would work. Lee would have to sit out a year regardless and wouldn't be eligible to 2017-18, but if the roster holds as follows there aren't any openings on the roster. Cal would need someone to reconsider their scholarship for a year (or hope Lee is willing to forego one for a season).

Lee could provide the Bears with a nice one year respite if Ivan Rabb turns pro and allow the Bears more time to build their depth.

Cal fans, take a look at Lee's tape. Where could you see Lee fitting in with the Bears?