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Under Armour and UCLA sign largest deal in NCAA history—good or bad for Cal?


Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

UCLA takes our colors, our fight songs, our marching band, our mascot, our cheers, and our traditions—and now they pull the rug under our apparel deal. The Bruins have signed with Cal's new apparel sponsor, Under Armour, with the largest contract in NCAA history.

Cal gets 10 years and $86 million from Under Armour; UCLA gets 15 years and $286 million, which by my math is around $11 million more a year.  It does stink that Cal only got to be the "premiere college program on the West Coast" for Under Armour for a mere month, but it's not like Cal was going to pass up on the money. It's just too bad that Cal waited too long to recognize their market value.

There will always be traditional challenges for Cal, but some of these issues are just unavoidable. The Bears are not in a big market for college sports, and UCLA is. The Bruins have the attraction of Los Angeles. Getting a smaller contract is unavoidable, although I do wish Cal had tried to negotiate a better deal for themselves.

The only real annoying thing is that Cal and UCLA will probably have very similar uniform designs with slight tweaks, so there will be no way for the Bears to really differentiate themselves from their little brother.

What do you think of UCLA's contract with Under Armour, particularly in relation to Cal's contract with Under Armour?