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Jaylen Brown NBA Draft Watch: Could he be the right fit for Brad Stevens?

We are one month away from the 2016 NBA draft and Jaylen could go anywhere from pick three to pick eight which leaves a nice variety of teams available.

Finger roll
Finger roll
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We have hit the one month remaining mark for our continued coverage of Jaylen Brown's draft status. With 30 days until draft day, it appears Jaylen's expected draft position will continue to fluctuate. Recent mock drafts have him as high as number three overall to the Celtics and as low as number eight overall to the Kings. The Celtics would make an interesting landing spot for Brown as he would end up with an excellent coach in Brad Stevens and Danny Ainge has drafted players similar to his skill-set before (Jeff Green anyone?). Far fewer Cal fans will be excited about the prospect of Brown heading to Sacramento but the obvious benefit would be keeping him in the Western conference and close to some of his biggest fans.

DraftExpress did a detailed video analysis of Jaylen's strengths and weaknesses over the past week which includes more than a few enjoyable highlights. For those of you looking for an in depth take on Browns strengths this past season and how it impacts his status coming into the draft, this is one of the better early draft resources out there. Take a look at his strengths below:

DraftExpress also released an equally entertaining breakdown of his weaknesses, exposing more than a few areas he needs improvement on. Interestingly, they use a lot of high school tape as well as his game in Australia to describe a few of the areas of his game that need improvement. This builds upon the point that Brown still struggles with a few things like vision or running into contact even with one year of college experience under his belt. Take a look at the weaknesses tape below:


Cal fans, what are your thoughts on the breakdown of Jaylen's tape. What did they miss, what should they add?