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Cal sports Monday thoughts: Davis Webb and Charlie Moore are here to save the day

Distributing the ball is a simple thing, right?

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Is it the new reality that major recruiting news will continue to break all off-season long, well after the typical signing period? If so . . . GREAT! The longer Cal can provide meaningful news worth breaking down, the easier my 'job' is, and that's what really matters.

Hello Davis Webb, pleased to meet you

I'll be honest . . . I sometimes don't pay a ton of attention to non-Pac-12 college football. Particularly teams with 10-17 conference records over the last three years. The only reason I had any knowledge of Davis Webb was because he was frequently compared to Jared Goff back when both were true freshmen starting for Power 5 teams that ran versions of the Air Raid.

Will Webb win the job*? I don't know, but you would have to think that a player with more than 700 attempts in actual games would have a natural leg up on comparatively inexperienced competition. What would we be getting? I guess we can continue with the Jared Goff comparisons, since they're going to come up regardless

Jared Goff, FR: 320-531, 3508 yards, 60.3%, 6.61 YPA, 18 TD, 10 INT
Davis Webb, FR: 226-361, 2718 yards, 62.6%, 7.53 YPA, 20 TD, 9 INT

Jared Goff, SO: 316-509, 3973 yards, 62.1%, 7.81 YPA, 35 TD, 7 INT
Davis Webb, SO: 211-345, 2539 yards, 61.2%, 7.36 YPA, 24 TD, 13 INT

Jared Goff, JR: 341-529, 4719 yards, 64.5%, 8.92 YPA, 43 TD, 13 INT
Davis Webb, JR: 22-41, 300 yards, 53.7%, 7.32 YPA, 2 TD, 0 INT

Two things immediately jump out. First, Webb, has thrown plenty of passes, but nowhere near as many as Goff. That's thanks to injury and heavy competition for snaps at Texas Tech (Baker Mayfield and Patrick Mahomes have both already received various levels of NFL draft buzz). Webb hasn't been able to play a full season as a starter yet.

Secondly, you'll note that Webb and Goff started off with similar stats as freshmen, but that Webb plateaued while Goff just kept getting better. That's in part a commentary on Jared Goff being Jared Goff, the vast improvement of the talent surrounding Goff, and the injury issues that plagued Davis after his freshman season.

For much of the off-season, the argument has been that, thanks to a strong offensive line, Cal doesn't need their next quarterback to be Jared Goff to move the ball and put up points. Davis Webb certainly isn't Jared Goff, but that's an absurd ask anyway, because there may not be a quarterback in the nation next year with Jared's NFL pedigree.

If Webb does win the starting job, Cal fans will be hoping to see a Davis Webb that throws fewer interceptions and a few more yards/attempt. The hope is that Cal already has the offensive system and personnel in place to allow him to do so. To state the obvious, it's a team sport.

*Yes, he isn't just being handed the job, he'll have to outperform the other quarterbacks on the roster.

Hello Charlie Moore, pleased to meet you

Hey, remember when we found out Cuonzo hadn't signed a formal contract and we were convinced that Cal's MBB program was going to descend back into anonymous mediocrity or worse? Now, a few months later, and Cal basketball has signed two players who fill critical short and long term needs to go along with the return of Ivan Rabb. Excitement for 2016-17 should be just as high as 2015-16, and the program appears to be as healthy as it's been in . . . years? Decades? That would actually be a good debate.

First, let's update the scholarship chart, which you will note is now full for 2016-17. Recruiting can now fully turn towards the class of 2017, which has four open slots without counting the likely departure of Ivan Rabb to the NBA draft.

mbb scholarship chart

I'll have to go ahead and concur with the thoughts already expressed by the CGB hivemind: Getting Moore in the fold ups Cal's chances next season, and means that the transition from 2017 to 2018 should be much, much less painful. There's no easy way to lose 6-7 contributors, but having a high end point guard to bring back is a great way to start. With a back-court full of experience next year, Moore won't have to be the guy as a freshman, but if he needs to be the guy every year afterwards, he has the talent to make it happen.

Focusing just on next year, the depth chart is pretty exciting. Here's one man's rough guess at how minutes will be distributed:

PG: Singer 20, Moore 20
SG: Mathews 30, Mullins 10
SG: Bird 30, Mullins 10
PF: Rabb 30-35, Domingo 5-10
C: Rooks 25, Okoroh 15

Roman Davis is something of a wild card. He was practicing as a wing - will he get minutes alongside Mullins? Could he play the 4 in a small ball lineup? Roger Moute a Bidias will probably again get spot minutes in certain match-ups, particularly when Cal has a specific defensive need. But for the most part that's a two deep of guys Cal fans should trust in their various roles.

Losing Ty and Jaylen hurts, of course. But there are a ton of efficient scorers in that lineup. If you made a list of returning Pac-12 players by offensive efficiency, you would find Cal players in 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th on that list. Mullins had a higher efficiency than any of them (albeit in the Ivy League). True, Cal has lost two players who could create their own shots. The hope is that the addition of Moore makes it much easier to create shots as a team, to allow all of those efficient scorers to get good looks within the offense.