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Darius White signs with Indianapolis Colts as undrafted free agent

Another UFA for Cal!

Jennifer Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts will be signing up two Cal defensive backs in the undrafted free agent market. First Stefan McClure signed with the Colts on Saturday, and now Darius White is joining the backfield this Monday. White will get his chance to realize his NFL dream with McClure.

White started 16 times in the last two seasons at Cal at cornerback, racking up 58 tackles and three interceptions last season. He had 28 tackles and 1 interception his first season at Cal in 2014 and got even better in the years previous.

The Bears are now up to seven undrafted free agents. Bryce Treggs joined the 49ers, Stephen Anderson the Texans, Darius Powe the Giants, Jalen Jefferson the Texans, Maurice Harris in Washington also were signed.