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Jaylen Brown NBA Combine Watch: Lakers, Celtics, Bulls, Kings and more interested

The former Cal star took place in combine workouts this past week and continues to be ranked in the top five of many draft boards.

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The NBA combine came and went this past week and most eyes will turn to the draft lottery this upcoming Tuesday evening. Once the draft order is determined, we will have a much better idea of the list of teams Jaylen Brown might end up on. Be that as it may, CBS sports just released their mock draft and they have him going to Phoenix at #4 overall. A few other publications released updated mocks over the weekend as Bleacher report has him back at #7 to the Nuggets and NESN has him going at #6 to the Pelicans.

Most of the chatter around Jaylen Brown's NBA prospects has revolved around his ability to develop his perimeter shot. Many teams already like his quick slashing ability and that he finishes plays at the rim. While the combine over the last week didn't necessarily boost his stock, it didn't have a negative impact either. Perhaps in the best piece covering the combine, Jaylen talked about what his time at Berkeley meant to him and even took on some player comparisons (Stanley Johnson anyone?).

The Los Angeles Lakers apparently met with Jaylen one on one and he talked about how he hoped to build a Kobe Bryant–type work ethic throughout his career.

We will gather a lot more information after the draft is set and teams start to set up individual workouts with players of the next two to three weeks. Jaylen also did an interview with the Sacramento Bee and talked specifically about his strength as a defender.

Also of note, Jaylen has not signed with an agent which means he still has the ability to come back to school. It would be silly to think that he would return especially after saying his professors helped him make the decision to leave but crazier things have happened.

Cal fans, what did you think of Jaylen's combine performance? Which team between the Nuggets, Pelicans and Suns would you prefer he play on?