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Cal basketball to host Wyoming November 25

Good times.

Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

More Cal hoops scheduling tidbits! We have a return date confirmed for Cal's matchup with Wyoming. The Bears will host the Cowboys on November 25th in Haas Pavilion, according to CBS Sports.

The Cowboys were not a particularly good basketball team last year, going 14-18 overall, but playing at the high elevation in Laramie last year gave the Bears a lot of trouble. Cal struggled to close the game out and had to go to overtime to prevail.

With regards to the rest of the Cal non-conference schedule, Cal has also been confirmed to play Gonzaga next season and will head back up to Spokane this year. It's unclear when Cal will play Virginia in the return game of the home-and-home series, although we do know it will be sometime in 2016. I'm also not 100% sure if Cal will play in Moraga against St. Mary's this year as part of their scheduling agreement.

What are your thoughts on this matchup Cal fans?