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Demetris Robertson, Cal football freshman: What the commitment means long term

Cal landed perhaps the best recruit of the Dykes Era when five-star athlete Demetris Robertson announced his pledge, but what does his commitment mean in the long term?

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

1) Cal gets a true difference-maker that can compete with anyone for the foreseeable future:

Demetris Robertson, who runs a 4.3 40-yard dash, is the type of player who can truly change a game on a single play. Regardless of where he lines up, Robertson will be one of the best players on the field. He can be either a dynamic pass-catcher or a lockdown corner (signs point to him contributing mainly on offense), and there is even a possibility of him being a two-way threat (a la Myles Jack at UCLA). Nonetheless, Robertson is a special talent, unlike anything we've seen at the position since the days of Keenan Allen or Desean Jackson. It is time to be excited for a new standard of Cal football.

2) Other recruits should follow suit to play with Cal's playmakers:

Not only will having Robertson, Melquise Stovall, and Zion Echols (on top of those up-and-comers already on campus such as Carlos Strickland, Kanawai Noa and Brandon Singleton) ease the transition to a new signal-caller, it will also be a huge selling point to recruits in the future, particularly at the quarterback position. Jared Goff going first in the draft to the Los Angeles Rams generated a ton of buzz for Cal, and they should have no problem convincing high-level recruits that they can develop a quarterback. Add to that a number of talented playmakers, and a top QB recruit should be on campus in no time. Cal will definitely have a shot at recent Texas A&M decommit Tate Martell (though Ohio State has emerged as the early favorite), and even if Martell goes elsewhere, they should be in a prime position to land a coveted signal-caller.

3) Dykes proved he can recruit at the national level, which will be a necessity in the coming years:

With the new academic standards taking effect, Cal will have to rely on recruits outside of California in order to compete with the talent in the rest of the Pac-12. In comes Robertson, a hard-working, talented athlete with a good character. His commitment will make waves in the East and allow Cal, who has already had success in Mississippi with lead recruiter Jacob Peeler, to expand its recruiting to the national level. Peeler is becoming Cal's ace recruiter, as he has shown talent on the recruiting trail that can help us land the caliber of recruits we were familiar with during Tedford's era, when Tosh Lupoi had tons of success on the recruiting trail.

At the very least, Robertson's commitment means good things to come in the future for our program, which is clearly on the rise.