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Jaylen Brown NBA Mock Draft Watch: Latest ESPN big board puts him at #10 overall

The star freshman has been invited to the NBA combine and is consistently getting top ten ratings in pre draft lists.

If anyone has a poster of this, I want one
If anyone has a poster of this, I want one
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Another week is in the books and Jaylen Brown inches closer to draft day which is a little more than one month away. Jaylen has been officially invited to participate in the 2016 NBA combine where many Cal fans expect him to impress scouts enough to be considered top 5 material. The combine will take place this upcoming week starting on Wednesday and continuing through Sunday. Definitely tune in for a few highlights and we will monitor Jaylen's stock throughout the week.

As for the draft itself, we won't have a better idea of where Jaylen might end up until the draft order is determined. For those who don't know, the NBA uses a lottery system to determine draft order which means the worst team in the league doesn't necessarily get the top overall pick. To this day, I believe this to be one of the dumbest processes in sports. Please see the Chicago Bulls drafting Derek Rose #1 overall as evidence, but I digress!

If you want to try and see what teams might end up drafting where, you can use this lottery simulator if you truly can't wait another eight days.

Chad Ford of ESPN released his rankings list of the top NBA prospects where Jaylen sneaks in at number 10 overall, just behind Jakob Poeltl of Utah. We should see this list move around a bit during combine week and have a few more mock drafts available in about eight days. Sports Illustrated launched their third mock draft and had Jaylen ending up in Toronto at #9 overall.

Lastly, in a bit of disappointing news Tyrone Wallace wasn't invited to the combine which is a bit of a bummer considering he heard pretty good feedback from NBA scouts last year. Not many players make it to the NBA draft who are left out of the combine which means Wallace may be starting his career as an undrafted free agent or perhaps exploring some overseas opportunities.