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Predict the 2016 Cal Football Season!

It's time again for our semi-annual season predictions. Give us your game-by-game predictions and I'll whip together the results in a couple weeks. Please make sure to keep your predictions between 0.00 and 1.00!

Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Now that spring practice has ended, we have had a glimpse at a very different Cal team from the one that won the Armed Forces Bowl almost five months ago.  Familiar faces such as Jared Goff, Daniel Lasco, Kenny Lawler, and Hardy Nickerson are gone.  We have a new offense featuring a new pass protection scheme and quarterbacked by a new signal-caller.  How will the second era of Sonny Dykes' team fare this season?  It's time for you all to gaze into a crystal ball and tell us how the Bears will perform this season.  Once again, we're running our preseason predictions.

The instructions are simple: for each game, give us the probability that Cal will defeat its opponent.  If you think Cal has a 75% chance of beating Hawaii, put "0.75" in the form.  If you think Cal has a 99.99% chance of winning the Big Game, put "0.9999" in the form.  And so on.  Please keep the responses between 0.00 and 1.00.  If you don't it will slow down my tabulation of the results and that will mess up the CGB schedule and upset TwistNHook.  You don't want to upset Twist, do you?

If you have trouble accessing the form below, you can find a direct link here.  I encourage you to share your predictions in the comments.  You can add up the probabilities to get a projected number of wins.  Thanks for participating and Go Bears!