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Cal football alumnus Darius Powe signs with the Giants: Q&A with Big Blue View

How does Powe fit in a team in the state that's a concrete jungle where dreams are made of?

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After four years in the blue and gold, Darius Powe was taken as an undrafted free agent by the New York Giants. To get a better idea of how he fits in with Eli Manning and company, we connected with Big Blue View and their Editor-in-Chief, Ed Valentine.

1. How does the depth chart look at receiver? Is there a dire need to upgrade at that position or is your team pretty stacked?

Ed Valentine (EV): Well ... the Giants have Odell Beckham Jr. and Victor Cruz (if he can come back), just drafted Sterling Shepard in Round 2, and have a holdover in Dwayne Harris )who did a good job last year). That said, you figure they keep at least six receivers, so there will be a wide-open competition for those last two spots.

2. What kind of skill set do your coaches look for at receiver?

EV: Difficult to say since the head coach is in his first year and there is a new wide receivers coach. But, this is a West Coast–based rhythm passing attack. The routes aren't complex, but they require precision and timing. Receivers need to be where the quarterback expects them to be when he expects them to be there—otherwise bad things happen.

3. Have the fans had much of a response to signing Powe or is he not even on most fans' radars?

EV: I really don't think Powe registered. Fans are really excited about Shepard, a guy who has been described as the "perfect fit" for the Giants offense and was the receiver the Giants really wanted to come out of the draft with. They're really excited about fifth-round pick Paul Perkins, the UCLA running back. They are still coming to terms with the first-round selection of Eli Apple. I don't think most fans know who Powe is yet.

4. If you've had the chance to check out any of Powe's play yet, what is your evaluation of him so far?

EV: Unfortunately, I haven't had the opportunity to study him yet. What I can say is that Powe's body type makes him intriguing. Beckham, Cruz, Harris, Shepard are all smaller guys who rely on quickness. They don't have a big receiver who can win on the outside with size and strength. If he can be a red-zone target and win contested catches, maybe he can stick around.

5. What are your feelings on Cal's Shane Vereen so far?

EV: Last year was Vereen's first with the Giants after starting his career in New England. I think he's terrific at what he does as a pass-catching third-down back and I think there were times last season when the Giants didn't get the ball to him often enough. I don't think he's an every down running back—he's just not really effective when you hand him the ball and ask him to run between the tackles. He's a third-and-long draw play kind of runner. I love having him on the Giants, though, and I think the Giants need to do a better job of making sure he is part of their offense every week—not just some weeks.

Shane Vereen: Bringing Berkeley time to the East coast.


Our thanks to Ed Valentine and Big Blue View for chatting about Powe's prospects. Check them out for updates on Powe's progress and follow them on Twitter: @Valentine_Ed and @BigBlueView.