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Jared Goff's episode of Gruden's QB Camp will air today... maybe?

Figuring out this TV schedule is a question on the Wonderlic.

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Heading into the NFL Draft, former California Golden Bears quarterback Jared Goff will be grilled on Gruden's QB Camp; check out previews of his performance here.

Anyway, the moment is finally upon us to see how he does... if we can figure out when it airs. Here's a list of airtimes according to Ramblin Fan:

4/9 - 4PM ET - ABC

4/12 - 8:30PM ET - ESPN

4/12 - 10:30PM ET - ESPN2

4/16 - 3:30AM ET - ESPN2

4/16 - 9:00AM ET - ESPN2

4/17 - 2:00PM ET - ESPN2

4/17 - 9:30 PM ET - ESPN2

4/18 - 10:30PM ET - ESPN2

4/23 - 11:00AM ET - ESPN2

4/27 - 3:00AM ET - ESPN2

However, Section925 reported a 1 p.m. airtime while my TV Guide is showing the first airing at 3 p.m. So... just watch a lot of ABC today?