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Cal Basketball News: Yann Hufnagel Accepts Nevada Job, Charlie Moore Decommits From Memphis

Quick stuff for the weekend.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Sounds like this ugly chapter in Cal basketball history is all but over. Former Cal assistant Yann Hufnagel has accepted a new job with the Nevada Wolf Pack.

This would explain the rather quick timing of Hufnagel's resignation and dropping of his case against Cal. I'd imagine him getting his new job would be contingent on Hufnagel not being involved in litigious situations and focused solely on basketball. It seems that rather than Hufnagel contesting his case to the bitter end, his lawyers weighed the evidence and advised him to drop the case so he could get a new job.

In other news not involving former disgraced Cal employees, a former Cal basketball recruit named Charlie Moore might be back in the running for the Bears. A Memphis commit, Moore reopened his recruitment after Josh Pastner accepted the Georgia Tech job. Moore had Cal and VCU among his finalists as well.

The late signing period runs from April 13-May 18, and Moore said he is wide open as the process begins anew.


Moore said opportunity for early playing time will be a big factor in his decision

What are your thoughts on all these Cal basketball happenings?