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Yann Hufnagel Drops Appeal And Resigns From Cal

This ends the investigation effectively.

John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

Yann Hufnagel submitted his resignation to Cal today only days after beginning to pursue his defense from sexual harassment allegations, essentially putting an end to an investigation. The former Cal assistant coach was accused of sexual misconduct regarding his interactions with a reporter on the Cal beat. Hufnagel appeared intent on fighting these charges earlier in the week, but appears to have reversed his stance on the matter and is moving on for good.

Hufnagel had essentially been in the process of being terminated from Cal based on the findings of the OHPD report (you can read it here) and was appealing his suspension from the program.

Now the big issues remaining for Cal this offseason will be whether Cuonzo Martin will be cleared for his role in reporting the harassment to the proper Cal authorities, and whether Martin will get an actual contract signed with Cal after spending two years with the Bears without one.

Full statement from Hufnagel's lawyer.

"The toxic environment at UC Berkeley has made it impossible for Mr. Hufnagel to rejoin the basketball team he loves, even if he is vindicated in full, as the facts would show," his lawyer Mary McNamara wrote in a statement Thursday afternoon. He needed to protect his players "as well as his own future. Earlier this morning and after much consideration, he decided it was time to move on."

Thoughts everyone?