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ESPN: Cuonzo Martin not a Georgia Tech coaching candidate

So there's that.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco Chronicle says that Cuonzo Martin is being considered as the next Georgia Tech head coach. ESPN says otherwise.

Who do you believe?

On the face of it, Georgia Tech is not a terribly attractive job among major programs. The Yellow Jackets have been to the NCAA Tournament once since 2008, and that team featured two stars in Iman Shumpert and Derrick Favors. Georgia Tech has not finished in the top five of the ACC since 2005, and they've finished 10th or lower in five of the last six seasons. This is not a place that guarantees success, particularly since the ACC realigned to bulk up their basketball pedigree.

Why would Georgia Tech be appealing?  Martin did make his biggest coup at recruiting Jaylen Brown from Georgia, but outside of that not much connects him to the state. It'd be a total reboot to go to Atlanta, but Georgia Tech does offer very solid contracts. It's definitely an upgrade from having no contract.

It still remains to be seen what Cuonzo's state of mind is, and I doubt the rumor mill will stop churning until an actual contract gets signed. It could be similar to the Sonny Dykes situation with Missouri, where Sonny's agent likely floated his name out there hoping it'd force Cal's hand. Martin's hand is probably stronger than Dykes's, but there aren't many big-time programs actively looking for a big-time coach. Georgia Tech is one of the few vacancies that could be floated out there that could stir some noise.

What do you make of this Cal fans?