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Cal football early spring depth chart released: Five way quarterback tie

No resolution yet.

Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Quick notes on each of the marquee races. PDF of the full depth chart below.

Quarterback: It's a five way tie between the current Cal signal-callers. Although you'd expect more of a hierarchy at the conclusion of spring camp, right now there is no resolution between the top five. I'd guess if you had to figure out who the top three are by the end of spring, it'd be some jumble of Chase Forrest, Ross Bowers, and Zach Kline.

Running back: Three way tie between Tre Watson, Khalfani Muhammad and Vic Enwere. Don't expect to see much of a change until opening day. Interesting to see Patrick Laird as the fourth string.

Fullback: Kyle Wells looks like the traditional H-back, Malik McMorris appears to be the jumbo option.

Inside wide receivers: A jumble of young and old. Freshman Melquise Stovall is currently listed with the 1s, along with veteran Ray Hudson. Jordan Veasy and Greyson Bankhead are the current backups.

Outside wide receivers: Chad Hansen looks pencilled in at one side as a clear rotation guy, but after that it's mayhem. Patrick Worstell is battling off Brandon Singleton and Vic Wharton, and expect Carlos Strickland and Jordan Duncan to also make challenges. And there are so many other names behind that group you'd expect them to see the field a bit too.

Center: A battle is brewing between Addison Ooms and Dominic Granado! Granado was the starter last season but Ooms is making a push.

Offensive tackles: Aaron Cochran and Steven Moore are holding strong, with Patrick Mekari and Kamryn Bennett right behind as potential backups.

Offensive guards: Dwayne Wallace has made his stamp as the replacement for Jordan Rigsbee, with Chris Borrayo pencilled in on the other side. Semisi Uluave is probably not done yet, and converted defensive lineman Chris Palmer has climbed onto the two deep.

Defensive tackles: James Looney and Tony Mekari have the lead, but Marcus Manley and Luc Bequette are challenging here.

Defensive ends: Noah Westerfield has come back strong and takes a position as a current spring starter along with DeVante Wilson. A lot of youngsters are nipping at their heels, including Cameron Saffle, Zeandae Johnson, Trevor Howard, and Russell Ude.

Linebackers: The strong performances of Derron Brown and Devante Downs in spring camp have positioned them behind Hardy Nickerson and Ray Davison for starting spots. Aisea Tongilava and Hamilton Anoa'i round out the two deep.

Cornerbacks: Antoine Albert is holding off Malik Psalms for the vacant cornerback spot. And how about Cal track hurdler and walk-on Ashtyn Davis? He's climbed into the two-spot behind Darius Allensworth.

Nickelback: Aaron Rodgers hates them. Also, Cameron Walker and Tre Turner are your 1-2 punch here again.

Safeties: Evan Rambo is making the leap! He joins Damariay Drew. Khari Vanderbilt, Jaylinn Hawkins, Jacob Anderson and Griffin Piatt make up the other contestants.

Special teams: Dylan Klumph is your punter, Matt Anderson is your kicker, Noah Beito is the dude sipping on the Gatorade hoping for a chance at either. The list of punt returners is interesting, the list of kick returners not quite as much.

The full Cal football depth chart is below.

Thoughts on the depth chart?