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Cal basketball update: No decision yet from Jaylen Brown and Ivan Rabb

The wait continues.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

With college basketball at an end, the talk now turns to which young talents will stay or go onto the next level.

The Pac-12 is full of early declarations and decisions. Utah big Jakob Poeltl is off and gone to the lottery. Washington's two young stars Dejounte Murray and Marquese Chriss are heading onto the next level.  Julian Jacobs of USC is also making the leap.  Rosco Allen (Rosco Allen!) has declared for the draft. Que Johnson (Que Johnson?) is also headed out early. I don't think you can say for certainty that anyone outside of Poeltl will be a surefire first round pick, but it's a weak draft, so everyone is taking advantage.

As for Ivan Rabb and Jaylen Brown? They're back at school. And they're playing volleyball with their teammates.

The two don't seem to be in any hurry to declare for the NBA Draft. The early declaration deadline is April 24th. If Brown and Rabb wanted to make a decision about their future, it could have happened at anytime the last week--the Bears have been back at school for a week.

It makes you wonder: Will Brown and Rabb make a decision about a second year at Cal based on the Cuonzo Martin contract situation? Are they waiting to see if the coach that recruited them is definitely coming back?

If that is the case, it puts the Bears in a really tough spot if UC Berkeley does what they're best at: Delay and delay and delay at making a decision. Rabb and Brown don't have the luxury of waiting. If they aren't assured Martin is back, Cal's two super freshmen would almost assuredly be inclined to turn pro.

A decision needs to come sooner than later.