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Cal undrafted free agent history: C.J. Anderson went from no contract to champion

Let's take a look at the last decade of Golden Bears being picked

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

A few Golden Bears will not be picked in this year's draft. That happens. It's nothing some Bears can't handle. Let's take a look at the Cal players who didn't get picked but went onto see valuable time in the league the past decade.

Brian De La Puente, 2008: Despite not getting drafted, De La Puente kept on bouncing from team to team before becoming a member of the New Orleans Saints from 2010 to 2013. Many advanced metrics rated him one of the team's top performers on the offensive line at center, and made a few million dollars there.

Keith Browner, 2011: I actually had completely forgotten Browner was in the league until doing this write-up, but he signed a futures contract with the Chicago Bears this year and it looks like his journey will keep on going.

Jeremy Ross, 2011: Ross keeps on getting chances as a punt returner and occasional wide receiver in the league with the Packers, Raiders, Ravens and Lions, and is on his newest stint with the New York Jets. The man keeps leaping!

C.J. Anderson, 2013: What a story. After being passed over by every team, the Denver Broncos took a chance on Anderson, and he has become one of the most beloved players in the franchise. Anderson literally became the engine of a Bronco offense that had no passing attack at all. With the help of one of the greatest defenses ever, Anderson scored the last touchdown to clinch a Super Bowl championship.

DeAndre Coleman, 2014: Coleman has bounced from practice squad to practice squad, but started getting playing time with the Miami Dolphins last season.

Chris Harper, 2015: Harper's journey is just beginning, and he's had his rough patches in his first season in the league. But he remains on the New England Patriots roster, so he'll get a chance to prove his worth come training camp.