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Jordan Cornish, UNLV transfer, reopens his recruitment

Womp womp! And you thought the MBB offseason was over...

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

CBS Sports is reporting that Jordan Cornish, who committed to Cal a mere 18 days ago, is reopening his commitment.

Two days ago, when Grant Mullins committed to Cal (here's CGB's take), it looked like the Cal MBB roster movement would come to a close following Ivan Rabb's decision to stay for at least one more year.

While Cornish would have had to sit out a year per transfer rules, he was expected to be a contributor at the 2/3, especially given his history as a Cuonzo recruit when Cuonzo was at Tennessee.

I'm not going to speculate as to the reasons for Jordan's decision, though he briefly spoke to Connor Letorneau of the Chronicle.

I'm guessing you may see one more player join Cal in the coming weeks. This particular writer is hoping that it's Charlie Moore, who recently released his updated top 8 with Cal still in (this is totally uninformed speculation, BTW).

More to come...