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Jeff Tedford Eyes Washington

The former Cal coach might be taking on a consultant role with the Huskies

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Oh man, that is tough to read. Jeff Tedford, my former employer and leader of some of the best football teams in Cal history is reportedly chatting with Husky coach Chris Petersen. It isn't entirely unfamiliar territory for gifted offensive coaches to take on a consultant role with top tier programs as they wait their turn to return to the college ranks. A few Cal fans may remember Bobby Petrino fresh off his motorcycle incident came to Cal as a consultant for a season while Jeff Tedford of all people was head coach.

There are more than a few ties that link Tedford and Petersen. They both coached at Oregon and current Washington linebackers coach Bob Gregory was Cal's defensive coordinator under Tedford before jetting to Northwestern. Tedford cannot currently engage in formal talks about coming on to any NCAA staff until his responsibilities finish with an elite recruiting camp. After that wraps up, he is free to sign with any program which could mean our former commander is donning that awful purple come fall.

Cal fans, what do you think of this news? Would you be ok seeing Tedford on a UW sideline after Toshgate?