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Jared Goff picked 1st overall by the Los Angeles Rams

Cal now has two first-overall picks!

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

With the Rams needing to make an impact as they re-debut in Los Angeles, they decided the best way to do so is behind the arm of QB Jared Goff. It just makes sense with his Hollywood good looks and $80 haircuts.

Goff becomes Cal's second #1 pick after Steve Bartkowski was taken by the Falcons in 1975; the last time the Pac-12 saw a player drafted #1 overall was Andrew Luck in 2012.

The Rams must have seen something they liked in Goff as they executed a monumental trade to grab our Bear Raid commander (which is a little worrisome that this may weaken the Rams roster and put Goff in a worse situation). The only other Cal player on the Los Angeles roster is from California University of Pennsylvania, so I'll bet the Rams are gaining a lot of new Golden Bear fans today.

We extend our congratulations to Jared and wish him the best of luck (provided he associates himself with Cal during his NFL intros because Cal fans totally aren't blowing that out of proportion). For more on the Rams, check out Turf Show Times.