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Cal basketball schedules home and home with Gonzaga

The Zags!

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

More Cal basketball news! The California Golden Bears are returning to Spokane sooner than you might realize. Cal has scheduled a home-and-home with the Gonzaga Bulldogs in 2016-17 and 2017-18. The Bears will visit Spokane this upcoming season and return to Berkeley in 2017.

Cal has been scheduling some new West Coast programs as of late (the Bears played St. Mary's last season for the first time in forever). It's been awhile since Cal has played Gonzaga. I can't even remember the last meeting between the two programs, it's been this long. Can anyone remember the last time these two programs matched up on the court?

It's unclear who will be on Cal's roster in 2017 at this point, so it's pretty likely Cal will be underdogs in both games barring some major recruiting moves (Cal sans Jaylen Brown will not be expected to win on the road). Gonzaga has been to the tournament every year since 1999, has won a tournament game every year since 2009, has made it to the Sweet 16 this season and the Elite 8 the year before, and are constantly hovering around the top 15 every season.

What are your thoughts on this home-and-home?