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Cal basketball graduate transfer: Columbia guard Grant Mullins is a Golden Bear!

Go Bears!

Adam Hunger/Getty Images

With the Bears having a roster spot open up pending the departure of Jaylen Brown, Cal immediately filled the hole. After visiting a few weeks ago and being mentioned as an early target for the Bears in offseason, Columbia guard Grant Mullins committed to the Bears today and will spend his graduate transfer eligibility season in Berkeley.

Mullins is coming off a solid season, averaging 13.3 points, 3.8 rebounds and 3.3 assists on 47% shooting from the field. Most notably, he shot 44% from three point range with about 4.5 attempts a game. Cal needs more downtown shooting to continue upgrading their offensive potency. Here's a look at his three point shot highlights.

With Ivan Rabb returning to Cal and Jordan Cornish also transferring into the program from UNLV, unless there are some significant changes on the roster, this should effectively close all the roster movement for the Bears this offseason.

What are your thoughts on the Cal basketball roster going into 2016?