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Cal in the NFL Draft Preview: When will the Bears get picked?

After months of rumors and mock drafts, we're only days away from finding out where this year's class of Golden Bears will land. Let's take one last look at the projections.

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Last year was the first time since 1986 that no Cal players were selected in the NFL Draft. There's no risk of that happening again, as five Golden Bears are likely to be picked (and one could be off the board very early on).

Jared Goff: Round 1

Will he go to the Rams at #1? The Eagles at #2? With both teams trading up for early picks, and with Goff and Carson Wentz as the consensus top QBs in this year's class, it seems almost certain that Goff will be headed to LA or Philadelphia. He's a smart, accurate quarterback with good mobility, and lots of teams would be happy to have him. On the flip side, we've heard all sorts of critiques about Goff as an undersized system quarterback with tiny hands, but none of that seems to have hurt his draft stock. Expect the Bear Raid commander to be off the board quickly.

Kenny Lawler: Rounds 4-5

Like Goff, Lawler declared early for the draft hoping to take advantage of a thin class at his position. Cal fans can attest to his ability to make spectacular plays at wide receiver, but some analysts question whether his size and speed will hold him back. Another knock on Lawler is that his route-running isn't the cleanest. That said, his impressive numbers (13 TDs in 2015) should be enough to attract a team somewhere in the middle rounds.

Daniel Lasco: Rounds 4-5

Lasco's draft position remains a bit of a mystery after his lost season in 2015, in which he fell behind Cal's trio of young running backs. He spent much of the year with a hip injury, but rebounded with a huge performance at the NFL Combine. Mock drafts have him going anywhere from Round 2 to Round 6, so we'll hedge and put him somewhere in between. His size and elusiveness have impressed scouts, but questions remain about his ability to extend plays. His injury history may also scare some teams away. But others, like the New England Patriots, have targeted him as a possible contributor.

Stephen Anderson: Rounds 6-7

The former Cal TE has been getting noticed by draft scouts for his excellent route running and receiving relative to others at his position. His blocking abilities could be a concern at the pro level, partly because he's a bit undersized for his position, but he'd fit well in an offense that can get him out in space. The New Orleans Saints held a workout for Anderson, Lawler, and Darius Powe, so maybe he'll be reunited with some of his fellow Golden Bears come fall.

Trevor Davis: Rounds 6-7

Running a 4.42 40 (third fastest among WRs) at the NFL combine will do a lot for your draft status. Davis did that and more, showing off athleticism that might be enough for a team to take a chance on him in the late rounds. Some scouts ding him for raw route running skills, but he'll have time to develop as a wide receiver if he's able to make an impact in the return game. If he doesn't get picked in the later rounds, I'd expect him to be snapped up quickly as a free agent.