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Cal in the NFL Draft preview: Stephen Anderson an emerging tight end prospect

Could Stephen be an NFL sleeper?

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

The California Golden Bears know that they're going to have at least one name called in this NFL Draft fairly early. But there are a host of other prospects who could make the cut in terms of potential NFL picks. With most of our talent coming out of this class at wide receiver, there's a host of talented players who could make their mark this season.

Stephen Anderson was not probably a name you were thinking about as late as two years ago as someone who might compete to be on an NFL roster. But Anderson proved his worth on the field and became Jared Goff's safety valve when every other wide receiver was getting draped in coverage.

What makes Anderson intriguing to NFL teams is his hybrid ability at the next level. As a big receiver, Anderson can play as a fast tight end while also flexing as an inside wide receiver, so he has the ability to be an effective blocker while also being strong.

Anderson has worked out with a host of NFL teams, making it even more likely that one team will pick him at an early spot. Take a look at the highlights for Anderson.

Cal fans, your thoughts on Anderson as an NFL prospect? What do you expect him to do at the next level, and where could you foresee him being picked?