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Ivan Rabb undecided on entering NBA Draft or returning to Cal basketball for sophomore year


Ethan Miller/Getty Images

With Jaylen Brown off to the NBA Draft, only Ivan Rabb remains among the Cal super freshmen. With the NBA early declaration deadline fast approaching, what will his decision be?

There are some promising early indications. Rabb did not decide to declare for the draft along with his teammate Brown; you'd figure the two would declare together instead of at separate times.

The rumors circulating around after Brown's declaration were in fact of a positive nature--Rabb seems very much interested in returning for a second season with the Bears and try and elevate his draft stock up to true lottery status. But no decision is set in stone yet. More from Connor Letourneau.

Ivan Rabb remains undecided about whether he'll leave Cal to declare for the 2016 NBA Draft.

Rabb is expected to be a lottery pick if he declares.

"I'm just not sure. It's a big decision. It's my whole life," said Rabb.

Rabb returning would be huge for Cal. The Bears have no real replacement at power forward for next season. Roman Davis will join the rotation, but it's unlikely he's ready to come out and be a competent starter. Cal can't really expect the offense to be that good with Kingsley Okoroh and Kameron Rooks on the floor at the same time. Rabb staying would keep Cal from needing to scramble for a stop gap at power forward.

Sunday is the final day that Rabb could declare for the NBA Draft.