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Cal Athletics switching from Nike after deal expires?

Adidas or Under Armour in our future?

John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

Are the Bears making a change in apparel? Jon Wilner reports that a change could be coming to what the Bears wear very soon, and a press conference has been scheduled for today. Cal's apparel deal expires with Nike next season, as will their multimedia rights deal. New deals are expected to ink at least $5 million more for the department.

Also in coming months, the Bears are expected to sign new apparel and multimedia deals. As noted previously on the Hotline, the deals should combine to add at least $5 million in cash — that's a net increase over the current deals — to the department.

This doesn't exactly confirm a change. The All of the major college football programs wear apparel from one of three major companies: Nike, Under Armour or Adidas. Most schools are currently signed up with Nike, but a few programs have signed lucrative contracts elsewhere. In the Pac-12, Arizona State and UCLA have new allegiances with Adidas, and Utah is currently situated with Under Armour.

Cal has had a good run with uniform changes under Nike. For the most part, results have been fairly positive, with most players seeming to love the jerseys the Bears have put out there (the fans have been a little bit more fickle, but again, relatively few complaints).

Cal fans, what are your thoughts on a change from Nike? How excited would you be to see something new?