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Cal in the NFL Draft preview: Kenny Lawler a WR sleeper, worked out for Saints & Eagles

Could Lawler make the leap?

Jennifer Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Cal wide receiver Kenny Lawler made the decision to declare early for the 2016 NFL Draft. The wide receiver class for 2016 wasn't particularly strong, so it made sense for Lawler to decide to take a chance on maximizing his draft stock.

Here's a look at Lawler's junior highlights. Because that makes me happy.

Most of you know the importance of Lawler to Cal's offense. When the football gets thrown in his direction, he finds a way to haul in a catch. He has an incredible catch radius and can find a way to haul in any sort of grab regardless of whether his route running is clean or not. Lawler didn't have an outstanding combine, but it hardly cancels out his outstanding Cal career.

Lawler has confirmed to work out for two NFL teams. There's the Philadelphia Eagles and the New Orleans Saints (Lawler worked out with Stephen Anderson and Darius Powe as well in New Orleans).

CBS Sports ranks Lawler as a top 100 prospect and a top 15 wideout.  Since he's not a finished product, it's hard to see where Lawler gets picked, but you have to figure he will get picked. Charlie Casserly marks him as a first round pick, which I find graciously optimistic, but I have to imagine he's a candidate to be one of the first wide recievers off the board.

Cal fans, what are your thoughts on Lawler in the NFL Draft? Where do you see him getting picked? Where should he end up?