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Cal basketball grad transfer target: Patrick Steeves from Harvard

Go Bears!

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

There are more transfer targets available for the California Golden Bears! They just keep on emerging out of nowhere!

Graduate transfer Patrick Steeves out of Harvard is the newest target and could be a player of immediate need. Cal has already looked at other graduate transfers like Grant Mullins (who also visited this week) and Canyon Barry, and Steeves is the newest name.

Steeves is the best player available at his position and has new markets for his business.  Steeves averaged 22.7 minutes per game, racking up 9.1 points per game, 3.8 rebounds, 2.1 turnovers, and 2.4 assists on 44.9% shooting, including an impressive 45.8% from three point land. He could be another wing who could provide functional offense and be a lynchpin off the bench in case players like Roger Moute and Stephen Domingo struggle to find their range.

Whether Cal goes after another graduate transfer depends entirely on their roster functionality. Right now the Bears have a full roster, so Cal going after another player depends on whether Jaylen Brown and/or Ivan Rabb turn pro. Until we have word on whether either player turns pro, their situation remains unresolved.

Go Bears!