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Cal football podcast: Post Cal Spring Game Edition of the Bearcast

On this fantastic episode, we cover the post spring game madness

Everybody was a winner at the spring game
Everybody was a winner at the spring game
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Cal podcasting experience that your life has been missing. Or has been having if you've been listening to us for any period of time. On this week's edition, we covered a plethora of subjects, including:

  • The spring game in all its splendor
  • Quarterback roulette
  • The strength of the new receiving core
  • A lack of current depth on the defensive line
  • Vic Enwere and Billy McCrary: The Rhyming Running Dynamo
  • Is Demetris Robertson here yet?
  • Are Jaylen and Ivan still here?
  • Who are all these transfers and are they coming?
  • Will Brandon Chauca be able to negotiate peace with the Romulans?

You get all this and so much more by listening to this free edition of the Bearcast. Subscribe on iTunes and rate us, plus we'd love to hear from you. Go Bears!