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Cal football fans, how would you evaluate Jared Goff in his final season with the Golden Bears?

Go go Goffense!

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What are your thoughts on Jared Goff's 2015 season? Did he meet, exceed, or not live up to your expectations?

boomtho: I think Goff had a fantastic season, yet he only met my expectations. Coming into the season, I had visions of a top-10 or 15 offense, given the returning talent at the skill positions and QB. Obviously injuries hit the RB corps and the OL took a while to gel, so in retrospect the pieces weren't in place for a top-20 offense. Given that, I think Goff did a pretty marvelous job, and as the OL gelled and the younger RB's started playing better, the offense looked a lot better at the end of the year.

I also think Goff did more with this offense than maybe 90% of college QB's could have done.

HydroTech: I felt like Goff slightly under performed this year.  I know, I know... I'm crazy.  Goff had the 10th best QB Rating in the NCAA.  Goff had the 7th best Total QBR in the NCAA.  Goff completed 64.5% of his passes and averaged a whopping 8.92 yards per attempt.  Without a doubt, those are crazy good numbers.  But I think Goff is better than that.  I don't think he played to his potential.  What sticks out in my mind are the clunker games; his games against Oregon and Utah where his completion percentages were near 50%, and the multiple interceptions he threw against Utah.  Nobody is perfect and every QB (even Aaron Rodgers) has a couple of bad games every now and then, but I know that Goff is capable of doing even better and I'm sure he'd agree too.

A.W Johnston: Jared firmly met my expectations this past season. He ended our streak against UW, played extremely well against lesser competition and nearly up-ended USC to boot. I think after our hot start, our expectations (mine included) skyrocketed and it was a rough tumble down to reality. He is going to represent Cal extremely well in the NFL and it was a pleasure to watch him play.

Leland Wong: I would also say that Goff underperformed a bit this year, which is crazy considering he still had a great season. I guess my Asian Father expectations are already in effect! There's no doubt that Goff is a stellar talent, but he also had a couple of balls that were off-target and more interceptions this year than we'd expect (even if some of them weren't his fault). Of course, I think this says more about the standards that Goff has set if we're so critical about every little mistake because he did so many things do well.

Sam Fielder: I also agree that Goff underperformed, but as others have said, I think that speaks more to the high expectations that we all had for the Goffense/Bear Raid this year. He got a little sloppy with some of his footwork and forced some throws which resulted in bad INTs. But he still had a fantastic year and definitely had one of the more memorable years a Cal QB has had since Rodgers in 04.