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Demetris Robertson decision May 2: Cal, Georgia, Georgia Tech, or Notre Dame?

The long recruiting wheel comes to an end.

John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

Five star athlete Demetris Robertson is the last remaining major 2016 prospect who is still undecided about where he'll attend school. He has a few major programs vying for his services. More from Scout.

The final piece of Notre Dame's recruiting puzzle will be placed in two weeks.

But it's not clear if Demetris Robertson will ultimately place himself in South Bend, Athens, Berk[e]ley or Atlanta. Regardless, the U.S. Army All-American seems down to Notre Dame, Georgia, Cal and Georgia Tech, with Alabama and Stanford out.

Alabama Crimson Tide: Eliminated a few weeks ago. It sounds like Robertson is one of the few prospects not too swayed by the early attention.

Stanford Cardinal: It doesn't sound like Robertson will be able to get into his dream school, so that's a relief. I don't think we'd have wanted to deal with a talent like Demetris in Palo Alto for three years. Robertson wanted to get into Stanford so badly that he kept on trying to achieve minimum standardized test scores to get in.

California Golden Bears: As much as I'd like Robertson to end up at Cal, it would have to be entirely based on Robertson really coming out of nowhere to commit a la Jaylen Brown. Robertson did visit Berkeley a few times but there hasn't been too much buzz about him really being into the Bears. But the same thing happened with Brown. We'll have to see.

Georgia Bulldogs: Georgia is probably one of the favorites. They're the hometown team and probably have been making the most aggressive recruiting pitches.

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets: If Robertson is really being sold on the academic side of things, Georgia Tech could be the local program that provides that situation. The only big problem is Georgia Tech's offense might not be conducive for Robertson to shine.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish: Notre Dame is the other major contender. They have the academic prestige and the athletic presence to really sell Robertson on all aspects of the program.

It'll take a monumental effort for Cal to win out at the end, but it's nice to be in the final mix for a top five star athlete. It's a positive trend.

Which school do you see Demetris picking? Let us know in the comments.