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Cal football perfectly based by Lil B at the Spring Game

Thank you Based God.

Al Sermeno, Cal Bears Online

For Cal fans hoping for more celebrity starpower at their football games, it might be on the way. Adam Duritz might have to watch his back, because Lil B is making his presence felt.

Lil B might be one of the happiest people in the world. Berkeley's greater rapper reps for all things Bay Area, and has been the representative for Bay sports on many occasions (most notably cursing Warriors rivals like James Harden and Kevin Durant).  The Based God has appeared to be a casual Cal fan for many years (he performed a live concert in Berkeley a year or so back), but he took the extra step this past weekend and actually attended the Cal spring game (and in typical Bay fashion, wore an Earthquakes jersey).

He got the VIP treatment from the Cal players and actually got into the locker room postgame for a celebration. And Lil Be now has his own Cal jersey!

This can only be a good sign right?  Everything Lil B touches turns to happiness.