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Jared Goff NFL Draft Watch: Latest mocks put him #1 overall

The Cal Bear signal caller might be tasked with leading the LA rams in their first year back in SoCal.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

One of the benefits of having a junior quarterback leave early is that if he is really talented, you essentially have three months of free publicity for your school. And so it is for Jared Goff, the stellar representative of the University of California, Berkeley who is making his rounds. Goff starred as the first contestant at Jon Gruden's QB camp who referred to the former Bear as having made "the throw of the year in NCAA football". Jared also was featured on NFL network with former Cal coach Steve Mariucci. The two former Bears went through the mock interview process together, talked about what it means to be a "franchise quarterback" and drew up an old 49ers play.

I'll be the first to tell you, I am as biased as they come. I love Jared Goff, I think he is a brilliant quarterback and his intelligence is easy to see in the way he carries himself on and off the field. With that out of the way, these tapes exude a top tier talent. Jared not only shows off just how well he grasped the Bear Raid when speaking with coach Gruden but also shows his ability to learn on the fly (while also having a little fun with it). Gruden literally says this is the best class he has ever had which is a huge compliment given the likes of Cam Newton and Andrew Luck have been on that same field. It is no coincidence that Jared is starting to be mentioned as the number one overall pick.

As far as #Goffwatch goes, last week the Rams made a lot of noise by trading up to the first overall pick. Given they absolutely do not have the quarterback of the future in another Dykes disciple, Nick Foles, they will most likely be selecting between Goff and Wentz. Here is where it gets super fun, Adam Schefter reported that Goff is the favorite to go first last week and a few mocks have shifted with him going number one overall.

CBS sports has Jared Goff at #2 overall heading to Cleveland which is a destination many Cal fans won't love but I actually don't mind with Hue Jackson at the helm. Interestingly enough, Cleveland's Dawg's by Nature (hello cousin!) has the Rams taking Jared Goff in the number one slot.

It should be an interesting week as the Rams have made it clear they intend to sign their pick early and the experts are near unanimous in thinking they will select a quarterback.