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Big Slams: Cal Men's Tennis beat Stanford but No.1 Cal Women loses

The home teams are the victor in today's Big Slams. Cal Men defeated Stanford 4-1 in Berkeley but No.1 Cal Women lost a heartbreaking 4-3 decision to Stanford - a loss that probably dashed the Pac-12 hope of the Bears (there are weird rules in effect due to rain outs).

We have simultaneous Big Slams going on right now!
We have simultaneous Big Slams going on right now!
Cal Women's Tennis Twitter

Good news:

Frustrating terrible news:

Cal's Lynn Chi losing in the 3rd set tiebreaker to Stanford's Doyle (a very emotional player who kind of rubs me the wrong way) was perhaps the key. Freshman Olivia Hauger ends up losing to Furd's freshman Caroline Lampi in the deciding match in court 5. With the homecrowd behind her, Lampi won 6-3 in the deciding 3rd set there.



No.1 Cal Women's Tennis (19-0, 7-0 in the Pac-12) at No.19 Stanford Cardinal (12-5, 7-1 in the Pac-12)

No.19 Cal Men's Tennis (13-5, 4-2 in the Pac-12) vs. No.42 Stanford Cardinal (12-8, 4-2 in the Pac-12)

When: Noon PT

Men's Big Slam - TV: Pac-12 Bay Area (TV coverage starts at 1 pm PT)

Women's Big Slam - online: Stanford

While the Cal Football spring game is on Pac-12 Networks national, we have simultaneous Big Slams going on as well. It is the regular season finale for both the men and the women. Both squads have a lot at stake in the meet today, beyond the obvious bragging rights for beating our primary rival.

For the Cal men, a win would further their chance of possibly hosting the first and second round of the NCAA tournament.

For the Cal women, it is all about ending the regular season undefeated and for a shot to win the Pac-12 conference (there is a strong chance of both Cal and USC finishing their conference play undefeated - USC plays UCLA tomorrow, Cal has beaten USC in a non-conference match earlier this year; this would mean a special dual being played just prior to the Pac-12 Championships - which is an individual and doubles tournament).

Pac-12 Women's Tennis standings:

California 7-0 19-0 vs STAN 4/20Pac-12 Championships
USC 6-0 11-4 vs ASU VS 4/17Pac-12 Networks
Stanford 7-1 12-5 vs CAL 4/20Pac-12 Championships
Arizona State 7-2 16-5 vs ARIZ 4/20Pac-12 Championships
UCLA 6-2 14-5 vs ARIZ @ 4/17Pac-12 Networks
Washington 3-6 12-10 vs WSU 4/20Pac-12 Championships
Oregon 3-7 11-9 vs LBSU 4/20Pac-12 Championships
Washington State 2-7 17-8 vs WASH 4/20Pac-12 Championships
Utah 2-7 12-10 vs COLO 4/20Pac-12 Championships
Colorado 2-7 7-14 vs UTAH 4/20Pac-12 Championships
Arizona 1-7 12-10 vs ASU 4/20Pac-12 Championships

For whatever reason, the Stanford Women's Tennis twitter is refusing to acknowledge that the Cal women's tennis program has surpassed that of Stanford. To be fair, Stanford has ended the NCAA runs of Cal in the past two Sweet Sixteen, but I think one cannot deny how the Golden Bears are the heavy favorite in today's Big Slam.

The Bears, of course, has beaten Stanford in a non-conference Big Slam a couple of weeks ago.

Pac-12 Men's Tennis standings:

UCLA 6-0 18-2 vs UCSD @ 4/17Pac-12 Networks
USC 5-1 15-4 vs ARIZ VS 4/17Pac-12 Networks
California 4-2 13-5 vs STAN 4/20Pac-12 Championships
Stanford 4-2 12-8 vs CAL 4/20Pac-12 Championships
Washington 3-3 16-7 at Stanford VS 4/16Pac-12 Networks
Oregon 2-4 16-6 vs CAL @ 4/16Pac-12 Networks
Utah 0-6 16-9 vs UCLA @ 4/17
Arizona 0-6 8-16 vs USC VS 4/17

For the Cal men, this Big Slam doubles as Senior Day. Bears will honor seniors: Mads Engsted, Wyatt Houghton and Oskar Wikberg along with the career of Jordan Smith, who graduated in December.

Here is the doubles lineup: