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Cal basketball rumors: Ivan Rabb leaning toward return, Jaylen Brown deadline decision?

Go Bears!

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

So this might go right down to the wire regarding our Cal super freshmen.

The rumor via goes something like this: Jaylen Brown seems very indecisive about whether he's staying or going, while Ivan Rabb appears to want to give a second year a chance at Berkeley. Rabb seems to want to swing Brown back for a second season, but it's unclear whether the pitch from him is working at this point. I have no idea how the Cuonzo Martin contract situation is working out and whether Cuonzo is actively telling Brown to come back or not, but you'd have to imagine that's a significant factor.

Brown is currently by all measures a projected top 5 draft pick, and in this particular draft class it's hard to imagine him slipping too far barring disastrous pre-draft workouts. It's very, very difficult to imagine him coming back.

Things are a bit more up in the air for Rabb. Rabb might be ready to turn pro, but he's a mid-range first round pick who might be on a lottery team or not. A lot of other players have declared so the waters might have muddied a little bit, but you can see why Rabb would ponder coming back for another season.

At the moment though, no decision has come yet. Cal fans, what are your thoughts on the decisions Brown and Rabb should make?