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Presenting the 2016 Golden Blogs Hall of Fame Bracket!

It's the event of the summer, the one that everyone is looking forward to, the highlight of the year. IT'S THE GOLDEN BLOGS HALL OF FAME BRACKET!

So here it is. The Golden Blogs Hall of Fame Bracket went on the Biggest Loser (It was hosted on the Farm) this winter and trimmed itself down from a full-sized bracket to a svelte 32 entry tourney. What does that mean? Not much, beyond the fact that there will be fewer posts and less chances to learn and reminisce about great Cal moments and players. We'll still elect 5 new entries to the CGB Hall of Fame and we'll have fun doing it! So let's take a look at the bracket and see what the summer of voting holds for us!

Looking at the top of the bracket here, you have to think that Rivera, Cobbs, and Jackson are the heavy favorites here. Anyone but one of those three would be a huge upset coming out of this region but if anyone is up to the task, it'd have to be Brittany Boyd. LeonPowe and Ohio Bear will lobby hard for Milica but I just don't see this being the year that she breaks through. Sorry guys.

Moving down the bracket we have what might be the most loaded region (and my laziest typo as I left an "e" off Keenan Allen's name and it would be a ton of work to go back and fix me) of the bracket. Missy Franklin faces incredible competion from a host of footballers including recent stars Bryce Treggs and Jared Goff and current NFL stars Justin Forsett and Keenan Allen. Add in last year's HoF finalist Pete Cutino and eGamer darkhorse Conan Liu with basketball star Lamond Murray thrown in for good measure, and yes, this bracket is loaded. No prediction from me here. It's anyone's game.

On the other side of the bracket we have Jahvid Best as a strong #1 seed but I could see either Scott Chong or Kate Scott making some noise here. Nnamdi has been a finalist in years past, and CJ Anderson has that Super Bowl glow still going, so they could pull the upset here as well.

And then, rounding out the bracket is everyone's favorite new feature, the addition of games/moments. The 2009 Big Game is a really strong #1 here, but that Cal/Baylor 2011 baseball game just might still have some magic going. Jason Kidd over Bobby Hurley in the 1993 Cal/Duke game might be in the mix as well.

Here's a full look at the entire bracket. So pretty isn't it?

So there you have it. Who do you see going all the way and garnering the incredible and unmatched honor of making it into the 2016 Class of the California Golden Blogs Hall of Fame?