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Cal football fans, give us your favorite Jared Goff memories!

What are you favorite memories of Goffense?

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

What were your favorite memories of Goff this year?

boomtho: My favorite Goff memory was his clutch 4th down conversion at UW (which I watched from the third row - 'sup Husky fans!). The fact that he was initially stopped and had to make a spinning second effort to convert made it all the more sweet.

My second favorite Goff memory was him leading the charge down 21 against ASU. He was so freaking good that game - continually picking apart the blitz, moving around in the pocket, making multiple reads - I think that game really showcased the best of Jared Goff.

My third favorite memory was more of a season long trend - just how genuinely happy he seemed to be out there with his teammates playing for Cal.

A.W Johnston: Every single back shoulder fade he threw, there was not a single person in college who threw that pass better this year. I might jump on Boomtho's comment and say the game clinching first down against Washington. His momentum was stopped and he battled his way to getting that first down. Huge play ending an awful streak.

Leland Wong: That Texas face tho.

Also, so many gutsy runs, "garbage-can drill" touchdowns, and his constant pocket presence to evade pressure and deliver perfect passes downfield.

Sam Fielder: The first game against Grambling was incredible. The passing game look absolutely unstoppable and was so much fun to watch.