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Cal basketball recruiting: Nicholas Robinson Wednesday decision, Charlie Moore contacted

More updates.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Cal has already landed a long-term prospect for 2017 in Jordan Cornish, who is likely to sit out a season before moving onto the next year.

But what about 2016? There are still some targets on the trail.

Shooting guard Nicholas Robinson took his trip out to California this weekend, and is nearing a decision that is expected tomorrow. It's reportedly between the Bears and St. Joseph.

With Tyrone Wallace and Brendan Glapion graduating, Cal currently has two scholarships to give out for the 2016 class (with maybe more to give depending on Jaylen Brown and Ivan Rabb).  One has been given to Don Coleman, another to Cornish. If Robinson commits to the Bears, what does it mean for our super frosh?

It could be a potential graduate transfer like Canyon Barry or Grant Mullins. It could also be a former Cal recruiting target. Charlie Moore has been contacted.

Cal fans, which of the recruits would you like to see join the team in 2016-17? There's a lot of potential names floating around. Who fits our needs best?