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Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio spotted in Cal hat at Islanders game

Does it get any more important than this.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The offseason is here. I'm writing about celebrities wearing hats.

Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted wearing a Cal hat at an Islanders game. I find this important because Leonardo DiCaprio won an Oscar this year and is probably the most famous actor on the planet, and I went to Cal, and I write for a Cal site, so him wearing a Cal hat is where my life has taken me.

I have no idea why he is wearing this hat though. DiCaprio has never come out for being a Cal fan, not once in his life. I doubt he's ever stepped foot on campus at Berkeley. I'm going to imagine he thought Cal was California (I've seen the SoCal hats with 'Cali' and 'Cal' in the Cal script), but if someone confirms otherwise, happily correct me.

Interestingly, DiCaprio's earliest education came at Seeds Elementary School, which now is the UCLA Lab School. Ha, take that Bruins, our hats are cooler.

Can TMZ do something useful for once and figure this out?

This is all I have to say about celebrities and hats.