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Cal Men's Basketball Roster Management: Scholarship Chart!

Spoiler alert: NBA draft decisions might impact proceedings!

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

As you have probably noticed, there's been tons of Cal MBB recruiting news flying around. Cal has been connected with at least six different potential transfer candidates, which doesn't even get into potential high school recruits. It's tough to keep track of it all. In an effort to make things a little easier, I scoured the internet for ideas, then stole one from CougCenter because those guys are smart. Here's the Cal MBB scholarship chart:


Simple, right? Well, hardly, but at least it gives you a clearer picture of Cal's future, and where they might be active.

Looming over everything are Ivan Rabb and Jaylen Brown. If the freshmen duo both declare for the draft, then Cal has three open scholarships to fill and not very much time to do anything about it. If both come back, then Cal only has one slot that wouldn't even necessarily need to be filled since 85% of the rotation would be returning. That's a pretty big difference.

You've probably heard more than a few folks reference the critically important 2017 recruiting class, and this chart really illustrates why. Cal already has two verbal commits with Jemarl Baker and Alec Hickman, but even then they have four slots available, and that's before counting the two slots that are currently occupied by theoretical juniors Ivan Rabb and Jaylen Brown. It would be weird enough for likely NBA draft lottery picks to stay in school for one extra season. Two extra seasons would be virtually unprecedented, which means that Cal will likely need to fill six scholarships for the 2017-18 season.

If Rabb and Brown both declare for the draft this spring, then it's likely that Cal will take on a grad transfer or two. That wouldn't really change Cal's 2017 math, since the graduate transfer would probably be a senior who wouldn't fill a 2017 slot. No matter how you slice it, Cal's 2017 class will be huge, both in size and importance to the long term trajectory of the program.

Discussion starters:

1. What are you hoping for Cal's 1-3 available scholarships for 2016-17, either in terms of basketball skills or in terms of specific players that Cal could realistically get?

2. Considering our 2016-17 graduating class and our 2017-18 verbal commits (one combo guard, one shooting guard), what are you looking for to fill out the rest of Cal's scholarships?