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Eagles, 49ers and Browns all hold workouts for Jared Goff

So far it looks like Jared won't have to wait long for a new home.

Could this #16 hope to replace another?
Could this #16 hope to replace another?
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Perhaps the most talked about destination for former Cal quarterback Jared Goff has been the team he grew up watching. This is not an entirely unfamiliar story given Jared's close connection to Cal as a high school recruit. The 49ers have shown a great amount of interest in Goff with a significant presence at his pro day and more recently during a private workout for the team. Given the increasing number of rumors floating around about Colin Kaepernick leaving, the 49ers may very well use their number 7 pick in the NFL draft on their quarterback of the future.

As a Cal fan and 49ers fan, this brings back painful memories of the 49ers passing on wunderkind Aaron Rodgers in favor of Alex Smith. Rodgers vs Smith didn't end up being as bad of a decision as people once thought after Smith's resurgence with Harbaugh at the helm but it certainly still stings. All signs point to Jared being an excellent fit in Chip Kelly's system and he has already effectively run an uptempo offense. When you include Goff's ability to audible at the line, Goff could be an attractive option for Chip and Baalke's first foray into the NFL draft together.

One of the other big teams showing interest in Goff are the Cleveland Browns. Newly minted head coach Hue Jackson has a propensity for accurate pocket passers, although most mock drafts have Cleveland taking Carson Wentz. Hue Jackson as well as Pep Hamilton also attended the Cal pro day and even put Jared through a few wet ball drills as they must have seen the Oregon tape his freshman year.

The final team that has increasing interest in Goff are the Philladelphia Eagles, who are still in the midst of airing out their dirty laundry after a nasty split with now 49ers coach Chip Kelly. The Eagles have two quarterbacks under contract however might look to secure their signal caller of the future as Sam Bradford hardly fit the franchise player role last season. The Eagles have as big of a front office issue as the previous two teams mentioned with Roseman and Lurie still figuring out how to effectively run an organization. A safer pick like Goff at eight could take some of the tension off the organization however fans will most likely want someone that can immediately contribute. If the Eagles took Goff, most would expect them to sit him behind Bradford and work his way up the depth chart the next two seasons.

Cal fans, which of these three teams would you most prefer Goff end up on?