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Demetris Robertson, 5 star athlete, signs financial aid agreement with Cal, not a Bear yet


Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

So what's going on with 2016 five star athlete Demetris Robertson? Is this going to be a late 2016 recruiting surprise for the Golden Bears?

Robertson signed a financial aid agreement with Cal. That means he's on his way to being a Bear right?

Not necessarily. Woody Womack of Rivals has details.

According to his brother and guardian Carlos Robertson, the move to sign the agreement now was to allow the Bears to have unlimited contact with Demetris Robertson going forward. However, Carlos said he doesn't expect the Bears coaches to make any more in-home visits and that it's possible Demetris might also sign an agreement with Georgia Tech.

Robertson has circulated schools like Georgia, Alabama, Notre Dame and Georgia Tech as his potential destination. But the true (and frightening wild card) is Stanford. Robertson has taken standardized tests multiple times to try and get the scores necessary to qualify for the Cardinal. But at the moment nothing has happened.

Some details about Robertson that might sway him to Cal if Stanford doesn't accept him:

Robertson told me once he'd rather own a million dollar business than play 10 years in the NFL. He also knows he will "ball out" wherever he winds up. He wants to attend the school which will facilitate a grand career whether he is out of football at age 23 or 33.

And of course, Robertson would definitely be welcome as a late addition to Cal. He could play as either a running back, wideout or a defensive back on either offense or defense and has so many dynamic elements to his game.

This is a long way from being over. Stay tuned.