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Cal Spring Football Recap: Practice #1 LET THE GAMES BEGIN

Cal began its Spring Ball practices on Monday March 7th. Here's what I took away.

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Cal FOOTBALL...Spring Football...POSITION BATTLES...JARED...Where's #16?

The first number jersey I looked for on Kabam Field was our oh so friendly #16 in the gold practice jersey. No matter were I searched there was none to be found. I found Kenny Lawler dressed in street clothes with headphones on, wondering why he wasn't getting ready to play. The familiarity, faces, names, numbers, all have become a distant memory. But there was a sense of youth, a sense of freedom, a sense of new beginnings that overtook the field. Everything has changed, yet nothing has changed either, the Bears jog onto the field, the Bears compete, and the Bears rebuild. And we've taken our first step into the unknown.

The highlights of practice #1:

  • Billy McCrary is on OFFENSE?! Yep. He wore a white #11 jersey today and Coach Dykes confirmed this later on. McCrary will be a running back and will be tested out at every spot.
  • A lot of number changes and freshman taking graduated players numbers. Here's a recap except Jordan Veasy. (Jordan Veasy is #15)

  • Chase Forrest was the first QB to get reps in Passing Drills. So...He's our starter right? (JOKING)
  • Forrest was followed by Rubenzer, Bowers, Gilliam, Kline. Is that our Depth Chart at QB? (JOKING...Again)
  • Zach Kline might have had the most arm strength in his passes, but his accuracy was off. He was picked off twice, once on a post route and one on an under thrown fade route.
  • Jordan Veasy had some GREAT CATCHES (One that stood out was a one-handed grab behind his head on a down-and-in route), but also had some bad drops.
  • Veasy had very polished route running and double moves to beat defenders.
  • Jordan Duncan also seems like the real deal at WR. Absolutely amazing ball skills.
  • Cameron Saffle seems to be fully recovered now and looks like the most explosive and agile player at DL.
  • Brandon Singleton is fast in every sense of the word. His first step, top speed, change of direction. Dare I say he reminds me of a certain Cal WR that plays for the Washington Redskins?
  • The 1st team OL looked like Cochran/Granado/Ooms/Wallace/Moore
  • An addition to the OL depth chart was former DT Chris Palmer.
  • Luke Rubenzer had some great throws at practice as well, highlighted with a perfect fade throw to Patrick Worstell.
  • Chase Forrest also made some great throws. His highlight was a perfectly timed and placed ball to Singleton after he beat Allensworth with a double move.
  • Melquise Stovall. Is going to be. A GREAT FOOTBALL PLAYER. His burst in the slot is absolutely amazing and impossible to stop with his route running and what he can do after the catch.
  • Coach Spavital and his work with the QBs is very different and it will be interesting to watch the QBs acclimate to the different emphasis that Coach wants.
  • Kenny Lawler was on hand and took his time talking to the young WRs. He took some time to talk to Stovall, Duncan, Bankhead in particular.
  • Greyson Bankhead maybe the best route runner on this team. He knows where to cut and where to be in any play. The greyshirt has helped him build on his frame and get quicker out of the breaks.
  • Derron Brown is now playing LB. It's not in a nickel formation. He is legitimately playing linebacker now.
  • Coach Dykes, Luke Rubenzer, Chase Forrest and Zach Kline talked to the media. Here's what they had to say

And that wraps up all the events from Berkeley at Cal's 1st practice. Stay tuned for more coverage from Spring Camp either on twitter or on this website.

California Love. California Rising.