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Cal football, baseball & basketball podcast: The Ryan Gorcey Edition of the Bearcast!

We bring in the big guns for a new edition of the beloved Bearcast.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

On this week's episode of the highly professional, not at all irrational Bearcast, we opened up the rolodex and called in the nicest person I've ever met that wears a fedora, the ubiquitous Ryan Gorcey. With the guy who makes a living on knowing about everything Cal related and a bag of chips, we were lucky enough to put up the mics, say a little bit, and let Ryan do his thing. We covered the following:

  • Spring football being here
  • Time spent in Vegas as a child versus now
  • X-factors for Spring camp
  • Draft stock and the combine for those who have left
  • Chances in the Pac-12 Tournament
  • Chances in the NCAA Tournament
  • Baseball season and sweeping Texas
  • The level of talent for this year's team
  • And so much more

So take a listen, rate us, and subscribe on iTunes. As always, Go Bears!