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Cal Basketball Bracketology Update! Bears a #5 seed in CBS, #6 seed in ESPN

The Bears will most likely secure a five seed with a good showing in the Pac-12 tournament and have an outside chance of moving into a four.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

As the Bears return from a road trip that saw their seven game winning streak come to a halt, it's time to take a quick look at where Cal stands in most brackets. There are two schools of thought when looking back on the last two basketball games. The first which features Cal narrowly avoiding a devastating sweep on their final road trip of Pac-12 play. The second, which is the optimists perspective, that states that Cal narrowly missed sweeping both home teams in an impressive finish to the season. It appears most bracketlogists are siding with the latter train of thought and are under the impression that the Bears just missed an opportunity to win both games.

Cal is solidly in position as a six seed in the Bracket Project and their average across all brackets is an even better 5.34. If Cal can have a strong showing in the Pac-12 tournament (two wins results in a finals appearance), they could move into the 5 seed range, with an outside shot to move into the final #4 position. CBS sports has Cal as a #5 seed and ESPN has Cal as a six seed facing off against Temple. If Cal were to have a somewhat lackluster performance in Las Vegas, the Bears could slip into the 7 slot come Sunday.

The Bears take on the winner of Oregon State or Arizona state in a Thursday matchup in Vegas. Cal could use a few key contributions from Jaylen Brown and Jordan Matthews to help them move into the semi-finals and have an opportunity to play in the championship.

All eyes turn to the Bears this Thursday in the Pac-12 tournament, where do you expect Cal to end up selection Sunday?